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 Essay about The Perfect Community

People have usually fantasized regarding having perfect worlds. Some individuals want

wealth, others need peace. It seems that people are hardly ever capable of agreeing on what the

perfect world includes. The recognition of most ideal worlds is definitely impossible

because of the fact that people won't be able to agree. And so the perfect community would be one out of

which everyone agreed at all times. In a world where everybody agreed, argument and

conflict would be removed. The world will become a lot less varied, and a lot more

straightforward. In the perfect world, people would do common activities and share common

interests. Everyone would hack, fly and ride.

One particular common fascination that people could share will be computers. Everybody

would own a computer, a great computer (preferably not a Mac). Computers will be

fast, more quickly than any computers in existence today. There would be a minimum within the

amount of memory which a computer can be required to include. Twenty G/b of hard

drive space and 100 Megabytes of Random Gain access to Memory (RAM), would be considered

a small home computer. In addition to being quicker than today's computers and having

more memory, personal computers in the ideal world also have many more capabilities. There

would be almost no restrictions to what some type of computer would be able to carry out. In general, pcs

in a best world become a lot greater than computers of today, and the quantity of people who

would use computers would be much larger.

The distributed interest coming from all people in computers will allow for a considerably more

technological world. With the demand for technology, made by considerable use of

computer systems, the world of personal computers would increase rapidly. The net would explode

with acceptance; everyone could write websites and visiting other people's internet pages would

be considered a leisure activity. Personal postal mail would become sent electronically. The need for a postal

support for personal postal mail and potentially business postal mail as well, would be eliminated.

A large number of interactive applications would be readily available; people's connection would be limited only

by their imaginations. The alterations in technology, due to more interest in computer systems would

generate life simpler for all.

Life being much easier, people might have more spare time for leisure time activities just like

flying. One common interest in traveling by air would be present in the perfect world. Most people

would be pilots. There would be a lot of flying golf clubs and cultural flying can be enjoyed

simply by all those who also could. People who could not travel and those who not have all their

licenses might at least express hobbies in flying. There would be you do not need commercial

air carriers to transport persons over lengthy distances, seeing that most people will fly their particular

planes. People without pilot's licenses would have to get voyages with friends or

neighbors or resort to driving. " Plane pooling" would be urged. In the ideal

world, the increased make use of airplanes would mold travel and fun into one.

The shared interest of all persons in traveling by air would cause advancement in this

activity. Aeroplanes would be developed that would soar faster and additional and will use much less

fuel. New styles and models of airplanes would be produced. Envelopes (the structural

restrictions of planes) would be enlarged and fresh planes will be capable of maintaining air travel

in unnatural attitudes. Airplanes would be capable of drawing more positive g's and driving

more adverse g's. The price of planes might come down while using higher demand for

them. The advancement in aviation in the perfect globe simply indicate the demand intended for the

process of flying.

Since pilots, persons in the best world would need to ride motorbikes or at least

drive fast autos. This would be important in order to keep up with the " initial jock" graphic that is

present in the world today. Pilots would be required to personal and maintain a sports car

and/or motorcycle. The reason why that a pilot would...