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Being a Mini Teaching report intended for Master of Computer App

MCA (2nd year) Year: 2006-2007


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The IT fossil fuel industry generally and in SECL came out experienced a formal method in 1980's. The machine bring in was mini computers with UBIX os as a great Cobol as being a interface program software. The company process that was introduces a salary wages financial accounting, store and inventory cost sheet and sales invoice.

The operating method was batch processing where from routine reports, evaluation, and statements was produced and handled to different level of management in the encrypted transaction data.

Basically this system was beneficial at that movements of time within a limited equipment and individual skill property. The system can provide management saport information yet after a curt of time etc . It was not just a static details to meet an a instance issue or requirement of there more every business process is known as a standalone concept and not related on bundled to each other, as a type process on that event of communication, relation RDBMS and web based technology.

SECL in particular coal India designers was going to introduce most recent datapart application, where modify web best TRP, with this customize TRP every purchase capture and activity level and will include be a regards to other organization and activity for this oracle RDBMS can be choosen for repositioned database and internet server, application server will probably be connecting to the client end java and JSP technology is been used.


South Eastern Coalfields Limited is a largest fossil fuel producing business in the country. It truly is one of the ten subsidiaries of Coal India Limited (A Govt. of India Undertaking) under the Ministry of Fossil fuel. The company was adjudged the very best PSU in the area for 97-98 and was awarded Jawaharlal Nehru Funeral National Prize for polluting of the environment control and energy conservation in the year the year 2003 and Excellence award in 2004 and 2006. SECL has been granted " Mini Ratna" Status by Govt of India in 3 years ago. In 12 months 2008-09, totalВ coalВ productionВ by SECL was info. 3 , 000, 000 tones. Back in 2006-07 out of total coal development of fish hunter 360. 94 million tonnes produced by Coal India Ltd., В В totalВ coalВ productionВ by SECL was 88. 502 million considerations from open cast and underground puits which was greatest among all subsidiaries company of Coal India Ltd. SECL has been making money since its creation.

SECL is definitely an invaluable part of our nation and it is turned out by their motto which has been depicted in the following picture


Basically Computer systems were released in SECL in early1980's and its primary purpose over the years was to ease out the wearisome task of " Payroll”. With the associated with PC's and development in technology it was decided to utilize the computing benefits of computers in numerous other areas of importance in SECL; the result was COALNET which is likely one of the best ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING package becoming developed and implemented.


COALNET is a great ERP Deal developed for Coal Industry of India and customized for Fossil fuel India Limited. This software covers each of the functionality to operate the business process smoothly and efficiently. This kind of application is scaled and designed to fulfill the intense dependence on Enterprise Processing of an Organization like Fossil fuel India having eight large Subsidiary positioned at different dispersed area of India. Functionalities protected in this application are Financing, Production, Staff, Project,...