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I decided to do my spiritual study about Catholicism since I are a protestant Christian, and our made use of are generally arranged together within the banner of " Christianity” even though our beliefs and traditions differ. I wanted for more information on the values of Catholicism so that I really could better understand the differences among it and Protestantism. Since it turned out, this semester my own Catholic expanded family invited my family and i also to mass while i was visiting them in The state of michigan one weekend, so we all decided to agree to the request.

As I walked through the building at St . Mark Parish, the first thing that caught my personal eye was the ornate architecture on the outside with the church. It had a increasing steeple which has a cross on the top, as well as a fully-brick exterior and several sharp edges. The building was almost completely total, which didn't necessarily big surprise me unfortunately he non-etheless interesting; however , one of the most peculiar thing to me was that not one person going for walks into the house of worship was carrying a Bible. Coming from a Protestant church in which nearly everyone provides a Scriptures to church to follow along with the sermon, this is surprising in my opinion. After learning Catholicism more this semester I understand why this was the truth (the interpretation of the Holy book is remaining to the Church), but at the moment it shocked me.

Walking in to the chapel, the lobby was extremely pretty if a little plain, which was not nearly what I predicted from the outside from the church. Yet , there were pretty stained glass doors with photographs on them, which in turn sort of shaded the room. As I walked into the auditorium, I discovered a bowl of water that people were sinking their hands into and crossing themselves with. I actually learned that this is " o water, ” water that has been blessed. The sight from the auditorium practically took my personal breath aside. It was beautiful; the stage was totally white, based on a podiums and an church in front of this, and there was clearly a huge crucifix on the wall membrane in front of the auditorium....