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 Essay upon Causes of Teenage Drinking

Ankit Chopra

Prof. Jackson


Oct 29, 2010

Factors behind Teenage having

3/4 teenagers have already consumed liquor more than just a couple of sips right at the end of high institution. Most of us understand the effects of having, but , ever before wondered how come teenagers drink? The young years are a period of merged thoughts, and emotions. These are the years, the moment young adults learn how to take important decisions on their own. These are as well the years, once teenagers arrive under weighty influence by others. One of the most important reasons among young adults for drinking alcohol is peer pressure. For teenagers, it can seem to be very important to ‘fit in' or ‘not to stand out'. More than 50 percent of 12th graders have already been reported drunk at least once in their high school days. Teens are incredibly concerned about their images, and what others think about them. Every kid belongs to a particular group inside the school, where other teens drink and party. Anyone who does not follow the same design is looked upon as an odd one out, and is certainly not given acknowledgement. This in turn, ends in exclusion from your friend circle/group. Hence, when ever every one around them opts pertaining to alcohol, young adults resort to the habit while matter of staying " in” with the group. Another reason lurking behind teenage ingesting is that it really is considered awesome and audacious. Everyone that drinks inside the school is regarded as cool, and has a high reputation amongst friends. It truly is considered a standing symbol, and lots of the times, it gives you a comfortable access to a casual one evening stand. A lot of the teenagers get pulled into this massive temptation, and fall in for the pit pit of home – break down. Many countries inherit this kind of drinking lifestyle; where teens start having at a really young age. There is absolutely no age limit to drinking alcohol in countries such as Italy, Greece, Italy, and Serbia. Germany retains arguably the greatest drinking celebration of the world referred to as ocktoberfest, which can be attended by simply over six million persons every...