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History of chaudhari group

The catastrophic earthquake of 1933 crippled commerce and social infrastructure in Nepal. This acted as the catalyst, which in turn augmented the advantages of rebuilding.

Beneath the Rana Regime, the initially row of shops along the popular Juddha Sadak (the present Fresh Road) took shape.

It was in this article that the owner Mr. Bhuramull Chaudhary was handed a shop on a yearly local rental fee of Rs. 2 hundred, which eventually increased to Rs 500. It was situated opposite the current Bishal Bazaar and worked in textiles imported coming from various parts of India.

After the demise of the owner, Mr. Bhuramull Chaudhary, fresh Lunkaran Dieses Chaudhary overtook the reigns of the organization at the age of twenty three and took it to a whole new dimension. He launched into a profitable business of exporting jute from Biratnagar to USA & The european union. He imported fabrics via Japan & Korea as of Bhuramull Lunkaran and Arun Impex.

By this time, Mister. Lunkaran Das Chaudhary had carved intended for himself a distinct segment in the cloth trade and this encouraged him to start Arun Emporium in 1968. This was the initially and greatest modern departmental arcade in Nepal with individual departments for ladies, gents, electronic and household products. It was located in Khichapokhari, the heart from the capital..

Today Chaudhary Group features over forty Companies below its umbrella and an investment outlay of over $1Billion. Being the first Nepalese organization to experience a distribution network spanning the subcontinent, it has made considerable presence in South Asia's fiercely competitive Food and Beverages market. Today we provide almost every merchandise and services that people will need - foodstuff, beverages, beverage, tobacco, client electronic goods. Our undertaking in the System, homes, real-estate, healthcare, education and electrical power sector can be where we have left our indelible footprints for many to follow.


All of us strive to be considered a global leader in customer worth. We identify and seize opportunities for growth...