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Issue: What does Islam have to say concerning co-education in schools? What are your viewpoints regarding this? Please elaborate on the advantages and downsides of such a program. Two popular arguments in support of co-education are: 1 . Coeducation builds assurance in a person and makes them a more finish person to reside a real world. In other words, studying in the same-sex education system makes a person lack in self confidence. installment payments on your Another debate given by the proponents of co-education is the fact a person's ethical and Islamic values are made at home, as a result neither co-education nor homosexual education performs any component in harmful or bettering these ideals. My personal debate is against co-education and I say that in co-education conditions students have an overabundance opportunity and temptations to visit astray. They cannot maintain the correct etiquette of intermingling as prescribed by Islamic Shari‘ah, at all times during school hours. Also, pupils in a co-education school may possibly become more used by how they appear or present themselves towards the opposite sexual as compared to their particular studies.

Answer: I believe you your self have well described the advantages and negatives of disclosing students to co-education. We however want to mention that co-education is no problem that has specifically been dealt with by the Shari‘ah. In other words, what we should keep in mind is the fact that co-education has not categorically been proscribed by the Luminous. However , you cannot find any question about the view which it should be averted, keeping because the essence of the Islamic teachings with regards to gender connection and also the requires of our instinct. As far as the arguments in favour of co-education are concerned, I believe the fact that strongest argument put forth by simply its advocates, who have little understanding of Islam, may be the exhortation that Islam has extended to Muslims to let their ladies into mosques and let all of them offer plea in congregation if they need to. Why...