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In this project I am going to check out two different organisations, the one that makes a income and one other that doesn't make money, in which case We am looking at Tesco a profit making enterprise and Oxfam which is a nonprofit making company. For these two organisations I will describe the type of business activity, describe the organization purpose of every single organisation, illustrate the main variations in type of control between the two organisations, illustrate the owners' liability intended for debts, get and exploration the rationale of the strategic aspires and goals of your different organisations and clearly decide what several types of organisations are trying to find to achieve (aims and objectives).


Tesco can be described as supermarket that sells standard merchandise and global grocery store. Its actions include household goods & wine beverages, finance & insurance, entertainment & catalogs, phones & broadband, Sainsbury direct and online stores, Tesco is definitely the grocery market leader in the UK, but have stores available the world, in places like Asia, Europe and North America. Tesco may be the world's third-largest grocery merchant with over 4000 retail outlets in the UK and 13 different countries. This can include supermarkets, convenience stores, gasoline retailing, small urban stores, superstores, and personal financial services, but also Tesco. com is Britain's leading online sites. In these retailers owned by Tesco just like supermarkets, they give many products to the average person like meals, games and clothing at affordable prices as they also sell their own branded items in their retailers, this makes Petrol station a profit making organisation. Petrol station therefore is known as a Public Limited Company (PLC), as their companies' shares are freely sold and bought and sold and sold to the public. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesco#Stores As Tesco is a general public limited firm and is a business that is accessible to the public to create profit, they have and endless liability for debts, but yet their...