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Where's my pages? Type: В Standard InputВ Output: В Standard OutputВ Time Limit: В 1 secВ Joe had an test the next day and had just lay to study. Gowns when he noticed that his naughty sister experienced torn internet pages from his textbook aside. He explored the whole house and got a collection of pages from each room. He detailed the site numbers to each page that he identified. Bob desires to know in the event that there are anymore pages even now missing. Support Bob count number the number of pages still absent. Input

The first collection contains a great integer Capital t. The number of check cases. For each test case the initially line provides the last site number In. The second range contains the number of rooms Ur from which Frank collected the pages. В The following 3rd there’s r lines contains an integer P then P integers. Output

The overall number of internet pages missing. Printing the answer for each and every test case in a seperate line. Constraints: 1< =T< =100

1< =N< =500

1< =R< =10

0< =P< = (N/2)

All the P integers will contain the page amount on both side from the page. В It is guarnteed that each web page will appear only once in every test case. В See the sample advantages of more justification. В Sample Input




2 1 4



2 1 three or more

1 10

2 6 11

Test Output



Justification: First Test out Case: Web page 1/2 and Page 3/4 were found. Page with page amount 5 is usually missing. Marathon Runner

Type: В Standard InputВ Output: В Standard OutputВ Time Limit: В 1 secВ Joe was leasing a marathon for Globe Excercise day. The convention was d kilo yards long. Greg wanted to place refreshments for P items within the contest. The supply was given at mile marker 0. Each of the S places had a van each. Each vehicle would travelling only till the next refreshment point. Find out of all the vans which vehicle travelled the most. Input

The first range contains an integer To. The number of evaluation cases. For every single test circumstance the 1st line is made up of two integers N, G. N - the total length of the marathons and P - the quantity of refreshment locations. В In another line S space seperated integers happen to be...