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The Position of Intellectual Development in Mezirow's Life changing Learning Theory HRE 4025


The purpose of this newspaper is to look at Sharan Merriam's article on how cognitive expansion plays a role in Meziro's transformational learning theory. She explains that even though critical expression and reflecting discourse are certainly not necessarily obligatory for a transformational learning knowledge to occur. The girl details this by using samples of how various transformative experiences are encountered through situational circumstances. The girl encourages even more research in transformational learning with an interest in various methods to attain such an knowledge other than high cognitive expansion.

The Role of Cognitive Advancement in

Mezirow's Transformational Learning Theory

Jack Mezirow fostered a revolutionary theory for life changing learning along with his studies over the 1990s. Mezirow explains his reasoning that transformational learning will preserve cognitive patterns changes through an individual's lifestyle as impacted by different activities. He found that development is the key to transformational learning in that one particular will achieve this degree of cognitive function after a specific developmental benchmark is reached. Sharan M. Merriam in the University of Georgia studies deeper into the context of Mezirow's transformational learning theory.

Merriam does not argue the idea that development is necessary to transformational, instead she implies a variable. She claims, " one must be at a mature level of cognitive functioning to engage in the transformational learning procedure, ” depicting the aforementioned developmental benchmark (Merriam, 2004). Mezirow believes that the transformation on the perspective is key to adult development. Merriam elaborates within this argument simply by detailing how more experience create a " more comprehensive, discriminating, available, emotionally in a position of...

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