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 Nursing Evaluation Essay

Nursing jobs Assessment

Joann Campbell

Hands Beach Express College

August 26, 2012

Nursing evaluation is one of the main stages from the nursing method. According

to Webster's dictionary, " nursing evaluation is the gathering of information in regards to a

person's physical, mental, sociological, and spiritual status”. As professional

nurse's, we are accountable to use skills to total assessments on every patient

that we take care of. Collecting these details allows us to prioritize the attention and

initiate interventions. How very well we determine our sufferers determines if you have a

positive or perhaps negative end result. One great outcome, that occurred

from using complete assessment skills, took place when I worked well in a long-term

care service.

First of all, the rate of recurrence of a complete assessment may differ in different medical care

options. (Jensen, 2011). Working in a nursing home many of the occupants only

require once per month thorough go to toe tests. However , there is a more

acute place in the service, and this was where my own assessment skills and interventions

triggered a positive end result. Poor Mary Jane (fictitious name), a 75 yr old frail

female, acquired multiple urinary tract attacks (UTI), and was placed on IV remedies.

It was the first day I actually cared for her, but the next day of being on the antibiotics. I

recall evaluating the IV site and listening to her lungs and while I was accomplishing this I

noticed her back was broken out in hives! My spouse and i thought…she was having a negative

a reaction to the medicine. Studies show that older people in long-term proper care

services suffer from a better number of negative drug reactions. One study

conducted predicted that forty-two percent of adverse medication reactions had been

preventable. (Jordan, 2007) After evaluating her chest muscles I then examined her

lower vulnerable parts and observed smaller hives initiating on her lower vulnerable parts. She

wasn't having any difficulty breathing, her lungs were clear, and I asked if she was

itching and for how long? To my astonishment the girl informed me that she got felt like

that pertaining to 2 days and nights and had possibly told the other rns. I inspected her heat and

it was 99. 5. Straight away I notified the doctor whom then stopped the IV

medicine. She was then presented Benadryl and measures to generate her cozy

had been administered.

To this day My spouse and i wondered, prior to my analysis, if her lungs were ever examined?

How was that overlooked and what an awful outcome could have taken place if an

accurate evaluation wasn't finished and if the medication wasn't terminated. I actually

remember the next time We cared for her she thanked me and claimed I might have

saved her life. That was a great feeling and i also was happy to be a nurse. Looking back

I realize patient education may have come into perform and Jane Jane

perhaps was informed from the signs and symptoms of an adverse medicine reaction, and

performed let the doctor know. The situation occurred with the other health care

specialists that maintained her who failed to pay attention and more important didn't

assess the physical condition of this patient. I feel that a yearly in-service on correct

physical assessment ought to commence, which all health care members attend.

In closing, I will state that nursing evaluation is vital to achieving a positive

final result and important in order to improve a people health status. As Rubenstein,

Calkins, and Greenfield stated, " few people might dispute the assertion great

top quality and successful care for seniors is affected by the use of extensive,

client specific assessment” (Rubenstein, 1998).


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