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The model of the genesis of problematic use shown in the popular media as well as the writing of interested clinicians is very a lot like those present in the drug abuse literature. This substance abuse model suggests that contact with online game playing leads to dependence, which in turn contributes to any number of unfavorable social and psychological results including depressive disorder and job-loss. To paraphrase, models like the one shown in Figure 1 . 1 suggest that if you play games, you get addicted to them, and if you get addicted to them, you get despondent. The sales and marketing communications tradition would characterize this as a " media effects” model, in which a homogeneous population can be exposed to and somewhat consistently affected by the medium. Figure 1 . 1: Two types of exposure or " press effects” types of problematic work with. The usage of such a model is quite understandable. Exposure models of this type will be parsimonious, have a long custom in many types of specialized medical practice, and bring with them a ready-made group of therapeutic methods and treatment objectives. They can be quite evidently effective for problems when they arise, but less helpful in identification of private and environmental predictors and thereby quite monotonic inside their approach to reduction. To steal the most popular substance abuse prevention plan in memory, such paradigms seem to reveal that the ideal defense is likewise the best treatment: Chapter One particular: An Introduction 19 abstinence or avoidance, to " simply say no”. The functionally reactive rather than predictive character of direct exposure models allows them to leave out or disregard several essential aspects of the phenomena they describe. Press effects versions tend to take care of the effected populations monolithically, as a homogenous group of consumers upon which multimedia act. Types of this mother nature rarely are the cause of the role that individual and environmental features might be in the genesis of the pathology. Presented the...