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Venture Cost management and Predicting

Kyra Meters. Johnson

Financing 375

Robert Sparks

06 4, 2012

Venture Budgeting and Foretelling of

Many Americans experience self-care afflictions. The Americans who made a decision to remain home is increasing as the price of assisted living facilities raises. The decision to stay in house stimulates from the increasing cost of assisted living facilities in addition to the ease of outstanding in a familiar environment. Though the decision gives challenges, metric scale system chose to look for in-home helped living providers. As the necessity for helped living requirements increases it really is evident that there is a consumer need and a company opportunity to meet the needs of those consumers, (US Census Bureau, 2006).

In spite of how excellent of an thought or opportunity, there is a expense to start an enterprise. Because the firm will conduct business in the comfort from the client's residence; the cost to get start-up is minimal to get the agency and the primary concerns that want start-up capital consists of marketing, labor, site construction, insurance, office technology. After exploring the average expense of opening a great assisted living and personal attention agency, the concept became clearer and more possible financially and profitable.

The critical first step to opening the agency consists of acquiring a business line intended for an in-home office. The business line can be solely for the business of Under One Roof, plus the cost for setting up a collection is $150. The agency will need a unique computer, printer, and software for management in the hard work to maintain financial and personal documents of customers, and the value is $1, 1000. The agency must get insurance when it comes to accidents and negligence and the cost for $1, 000, 000 in coverage estimates at $3, 000 annually and $250 monthly. Since the agency will start at a modest rate and will operate with 1 employee before the business starts off growing. The expense of labor pertaining to the first year of business with one staff, and the business...

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