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During the midst of slavery, the slaves learned to make their very own lives simpler by agreeing and deceiving to hold similar values because their masters. Of course , this is an action that is used to help make the masters believe that the slaves were loyal and satisfied with the family members who bought them. In " The Passing of Grandison, ” Grandison's expert perceives him as cheerful, loyal and minded, which will later takes on out to display that the Colonel had glossed over him. The colonel's kid was permitted to take one particular slave up north with him since help and Grandison was chosen for the job. Dick Owens wished to free a slave for the woman having been courting, but his father gives him the most persistent of the planting. During Owens' and Grandison's journey, Owens gives the servant every opportunity possible to escape the restaurants of slavery from lengthy errands to leaving Grandison money when Owens went on a two day trip. Owens even proceeded to go as far as currently taking Grandison to Canada and says " …'If you wished, Grandison, you might avoid me this very tiny, and I could not lay me upon one to take you back. ” Grandison responses, " I's feared I'll lose you ovuh heah an' living room I won' hab zero marster, an' won't nebber be able to git back home no mo” (Passing of Grandison, p. 722). Owens finally left him on the Canadian side and returned residence and even then, the Colonel continue to did not pin the consequence on Grandison; he blamed the abolitionists to whom he believed had pressured Grandison in to abandoning his master fantastic family back again at the plantation. Grandison surprises the Colonel when he comes up weeks later having been mistreated. The colonel was therefore excited that he also killed a calf for dinner in Grandison's name. About three weeks following Grandison's come back, he, his wife, mom, aunt, daddy, brothers and sisters went missing. It was then that the Colonel " …came near losing his perception in the faithfulness of the Negro to his master…” (Passing of Grandison, p. 725). He then set up an immediate search party for the servant family;...