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2 . Write the phonetic sign for the last appear in each one of the following words and phrases. Example: young man [ɔɪ] (Diphthongs should be remedied as one sound. )

a b c d e f g h i j

Expression fleece neigh long wellness watch cow rough mozzarella cheese bleached rags

Last Audio [s] [I] [n] [ θ] [tʃ] [aw] [f] [z] [t] [z]

a few. Write the next words in phonetic transcription, according to your pronunciation. Cases: knot [nat]; charming [dilaɪtfəl] or perhaps [dəlaɪtfəl]. Some of you could pronounce many of these words the same.

a m c deb e farrenheit g they would i m k t

Word physics merry get married to Mary yellow-colored sticky

Phonetic Transcription [fIzIks] [mɛri] [meri ] [mɛərɪ] [jeloU] [stIkI]

transcription [trænskrɪpʃən] Fromkin tease weather coating Rodman [fromkIn] [tiz] [wɛðər] [kot] [rɑdmən]

m heath [hiθ] and " the name" [tjm laI] [ tətʃ ] o touch p queen r h t u cough larynx through amazing honest director


[ lɛrɪŋks ] [ θru ] [ bjutəfəl ] [ anəst ] [ prɛzədɛnt ]

5. The following are all The english language words written in a broad phonetic transcribing (thus omitting details such as nasalization and aspiration). Write down thier words employing normal British orthography. a. [hit] A. Hit n. [strok] B. Stroke c. [fez] C. Fez g. [ton] Deb. Tone electronic. [boni] At the. Bony farrenheit. [skrim] Farrenheit. Scream

g. [frut] they would. [pritʃər] i. [krak] l. [baks] t. [θæŋks] l. [wɛnzde] meters. [krɔld] d. [kantʃiɛntʃəs] o. [parləmɛntæriən] s. [kwəbɛk] queen. [pitsə] l. [bərak obamə] s. [dʒɔn məken] t. [tu θaʊzənd ænd et]

G. Fruits H. Preacher I. Split J. Field K. Thank you L. Friday M. Indexed

N. Contentious O. Parliamentarian P. Quebec Q. Pizza R. Barack Obama S i9000. John Makin T. Two Thousand and Eight

six. Write the image that compares to each of the subsequent phonetic information, then give an English word that contains this kind of sound.

Model: Voiced back stop! [d] dough

a. voiceless bilabial unaspirated quit [ ] b. low front vowel [ ] c. horizontal liquid [ ] d. velar nasal [ ] e. been vocal interdental fricative [ ] f. voiceless affricate [ ] g. palatal float [ ] h. mid lax...