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Well worth A Thousand Terms


Philippine Books started like a chant coming from tribes/ tribal chanting until the present time where in colonial times, the voices of the Filipinos against the Spaniards is been vocal out through their indigenous languages and through English language (in passage and in prose).

Development: riddles/ chanting/Through Voices/sound to created works just like verse and prose.

- Indigenous Filipino Literature was developed in the ethnic community

- Bugtong (riddles) was used to entertain the individuals in the lineal villages along riverbanks to see coasts

-- The Households during meals time produced the Bugtong an caring game and learning process

- Cardiovascular system of a riddle: metaphor ( linking two unrelated pictures both present in riddles)

-- Relationship sama dengan VISION / A WAY OF VIEWING


Proverb/ Salawikain (rhyme & wisdom)

Added = Performed through poetry (poetry form)

Tanaga – Proverbs with monorhyming – strength/ discomfort

Ambahan – Chanted & Written by mangyans (songs regarding Nature, Childhood, woman interactions, hospitality)

The Mangyans inscribe their songs on bamboo tubes

Music – Active Literature – Gives your life by the use of beat. Brings your life to every activity.

Verbal jousts/ games just like the duplo were played by funeral wakes

The bayak chatted of love;

Balagtasan on stage

Later on, on car radio and television. Debated in verse and in prose, really or in jest, various facts of Philippine Life

Epics just like tuwaang, hinilawod, and bastogan

- The oral varieties of Philippine Literature are the spontaneous expression of people's thoughts and eyesight in terms crafted by the poets and storytellers with the community.

- (transmitted and preserved orally) " not really primitive”

- Product of tradition and folk practice rather than of education and artistic schooling.

- Filipino as being seated in the southeast asian sizing later offered as a filtration system for the western traditions brought by colonization

The Spanish Colonial Period (1565-1897)

-literature influences/ Both roman Catholic Religion

Early drafted literature was predominantly faith based in content/ and in deliberately

- Novenas, books of prayers, literature of carry out grammars and dictionaries for the use of friars instructing religion to natives.


-- Replaced the epics and became social legendary

Social legendary " A minor of the collective consciousness”


two other types of story poems, the awit and the corrido, enter the native show in the tenth century (Florante and Laura) – simply by Balagtas

(Revolution against Spain)

Propaganda Movement - Trend Began (KATIPUNAN)

The American Colonial Period (1898-1945) to the current

Page twenty eight. [the establishment by American Insular Government in the public educational system in 1907 acquired profound effects on the Filipino Literature. English became the medium of instruction and the language of schooled materials

-- Produced textbooks filled with American Values and images.

- By schools arrived the initially Filipino authors in English who desired to capture Filipino experience inside the borrowed strange language.

The short history showcased the skill and art of writers.

The first many years saw the expansion of poetry in The english language, with Jose Garcia Villa's Poetry published in the United States and considered together with those of his American Contemporaries.

The Period also crystallized the confrontation between writing as a personal art and since a reflection of society.

- In the end, what really passions the writer is some type of peace of mind that his writing will mean something that he can lay his hands on nearly as good and beneficial.

- The Sarsuwela, regnant drama...