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Event Ensler's essay, " The strength and Puzzle of Naming Things” was published in April 2010 on the Web. A few issues may very well be on her dissertation and really worth to be reviewed as adhere to. Her particular audiences are mostly whole array of women all over the world. She suggests a simple way to be able to some silly rules, habits, cultures, customs and customs against girls which has been established for many decades. She asked women in order to their silence and speak up against assault, and discharge themselves from their prison. She believes " each girl tells her story initially, she destroys the silence, and by doing this breaks her isolation, starts to melt her shame and guilt, making her knowledge real, training her pain” (Ensler 268). By this means they will not just help themselves but likewise " 1 person's statement sparks one more and then another” (Ensler 268). She asked women to train and pass on this action to guard the other oppressed women around the world. Esnler used some examples, description, liaison, facts and cause and effect strategies to make readers understand her essay. Her essay is among the effective documents for women with this era to look for themselves and unite against for their concerns. Three parts of Ensler's article will be reviewed: Her idea and reason for it, Women around the world, and importance of support and get united. She chose the word " vagina” as one specific and important part of ladies body that was always forbidden for women to pay attention or even think of this in their personal. She described how important to get a woman to name something like " vagina” which is important mainly because she thinks by " naming my own shame, exorcising my secrets, revealing my longings, was how I came back into me personally, into my own body” (Ensler 267). Genitals is the component that women will be gifted by God to reproduction the human beings, nevertheless prohibited actually to think about this. The paradoxon is " saying than it...