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Talk 101: Summary of Oral Conversation

Oxnard College

Spring 2006

Professor: Amy London

Office: L & S Workplace " C”

Office Several hours: M. T. W. Th. 2: 00pm-3: 00pm

Likewise, by appointment (please call or email) Phone: (805) 986-5800 x 1943

Email: [email protected] net(This is a great method to get a your hands on me! ) Course Numbers: TR 10: 00am-12: 20pm #38953LA 18

TR doze: 30pm-1: 50pm#38955LS 12

" Speech is civilization alone. The word, even the most contradictory word, preserves contact- it really is silence which usually isolates. ”

-Thomas Mann

" Inside our everyday lives we speak differently to diverse audiences. We talk best by choosing that way of speaking that is certainly informed by particularity and uniqueness of whom our company is speaking to and with. ”

-bell hooks

Course Description

This program is designed as an introduction for the study of the human communication process with an emphasis on effective general public communication. The course contains intensive practice in public speaking, reasoning, important thinking, and critical tuning in. Speech information is an important general education course teaching effective use and knowledge of written and spoken varieties of communication.

Necessary Textbook

Devito, J. (2003) The essential components of public speaking. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

College student Learning Targets

This program is designed to give students the basic skills needed to survive in the world of speaking in public. Ideally, students will be more cozy speaking before an audience understanding how to use these kinds of tools because visual assists and eye contact. Students will build up effective listening, thinking, and analytical skills while learning how to accurately and clearly present messages within a public place. The course will emphasis not only on major guidelines from the text message and lectures, but on the importance of corporation, research, and responsibility. Students are intended to leave this course with positive emotions toward public speaking and will be capable to effectively employ and figure out basic skills and concepts.

Course Requirements

Speaking Tasks and Outlines

• There will be 5 formal graded speech presentations. 3 presentations, the method, the useful and the convincing, must be accompanied by an outline. The outline should be turned in on the day you happen to be assigned of talking and should be in right outline file format (to always be discussed in class). You will not be permitted of talking if you do not provide an outline PRIOR TO you deliver your talk. Finally, issues for each talk must be approved by me for least 1 WEEK BEFORE speeches and toasts begin. Specific speech rules will be given out in class, nevertheless , brief answers of each task follows:

1 ) Narrative Talk:

This is a 2-4 minute speech in which you tell a story from your life experience(s). This talk is a way for you to introduce yourself to the class and begin public speaking. This kind of speech should certainly make you more comfortable with your surroundings making speech class workable. This presentation is worth 50 points of your total program grade.

installment payments on your Process Presentation

This really is a 3-5 minute speech, accompanied by a formal outline, you choose to demonstrate tips on how to do something or perhaps explain how something works. This talk and outline will be worth 100 points of your total course quality.

3. Social Informative Presentation:

This can be a 5-7 minute speech, accompanied by a formal outline, in which you inform the audience with regards to a culture different from your personal. You might concentrate on a cultural event, value, ritual, politics, art, etc . This talk and outline is worth 200 points of your total course quality.

4. Mouth Interpretation:

This really is a approximately for five minute presentation that focuses on dynamic performance. The overall emphasis of this talk is delivery...