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FMCG firms within a fix more than pricing technique

Some relief is on the way for fast-moving consumer goods( FMCG) corporations, with rates of commodity future trading, wheat, milk and palm oil either within the decline or stabilising. At the same time flexible the labels prices — which came into existence a new headache for FMCG companies — may come upon the back of stable crude oil prices, the verdict in production costs is still not clear. While palm oil prices have got crashed by simply almost forty five per cent, whole wheat and milk rates will be stable. Sweets prices also, which were supposed to climb even more, have come straight down by forty per cent in past times two months, while wheat rates have stabilised.

Whilst stable rates of raw materials have spelt relief for some FMCG corporations, the market is still using a tough time in defining the future pricing approach. Most companies have indicated that input costs have strike their margins, while others taken care of that if perhaps inflation continuing unabated, there would be further modification in prices. Many FMCG companies have got either increased prices or perhaps reduced how big their products to combat the rise in farm commodity prices and product packaging costs, at the same time when there is also a perceptible monetary slowdown. While the price hike has helped manufacturers manage commodity-driven inflation, not much could be done to deal with the growing cost of packaging. A crude oil derivative is utilized in packaging shampoos, when PET, a petroleum-based plastic product, is employed in manufacturing hair oil wine bottles and packed water bottles. Crude oil derivatives account for practically 17 percent of the total cost of corrugated boxes. In the mean time, demand for products like soaps and shampoos has found a decline. " Selling price hikes for some products continue to be underway, the impact on expansion for certain categories is visible. Detergent sales have been flat by simply value, ” said H K Press, executive movie director and leader, Godrej Consumer Products. Sector observers see demand for food and beverages...