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Daphne's examination – centered on Language of Film, using Levi-Strauss's Binary Opposition Through this analysis We are looking at the change of Mr. Darcy's character, focusing on camera perspectives, lighting and décor. I'll be analyzing the first picture he looks in plus the second previous, showing the of how he can portrayed employing Levi-Strauss's Binary Opposition. -------------------


Field one

Because I will be looking at Mr. Darcy's personality and exactly how this is proven through the vocabulary of film, I searched his main personality attribute: pride. Although I will become focusing on underlying traits that can come around the surface when looking tightly. pride [prahyd] Show IPA noun, verb, prid·ed, prid·ing. noun 1 . a high or perhaps inordinate thoughts and opinions of one's individual dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, if as much-loved in the mind or because displayed in bearing, conduct, etc .[…] Just how is this character-trait projected over the language of film? After the first time we all meet Darcy at the first ball, we could given a few visual indications in the first shot: Mr. Darcy's back again is the first thing we see of him. There is an extreme backlight that shows us only the silhouette with the man. This gave me the mysterious feeling of a character we all did not understand until now. It is just a medium taken – slightly tilted previously mentioned. To represent take great pride in, the angle needs to be condescending towards the ‘lower class'. This happens correctly when Darcy stops strolling and is ‘higher' or ‘taller' than everyone in the place. We can feel him feeling raised above anyone else. Continuing to move forward to the shot where you observe the front of Mr. Darcy. The channel shot keeps and he can still taller than everyone else. The first close-up we get is after Mr. Darcy sees At the for the first time. The camera techniques with him and the light is gentle, representing that she could possibly be his soft spot. As Mister. Darcy watches the dance commence, he stands in the shadows. Still tall, yet slightly hidden away. This because he is...