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Will need to Black Entrepreneur's buy into MR Franchises? Made by: Rivoningo Shitholani and Shannon StronachPrepared For: Mr. Axel Le Rait (President of Association of Motor Dealers and Repair Workshops in South Africa) | The Association of Motor Dealers and Restore Workshops in South Africa| Mzanzi Radiator's Franchising Program

17 September 2012

Mister Axel Le Rait

The President

Affiliation of Motor unit Dealers and Repair Training courses in South Africa Cape Community


Dear Mr Le Rait

Survey on whether small fix businesses ought to become Franchisee or certainly not Enclosed, is definitely the report on the MR Franchising system highlighting the benefits and costs to small restoration businesses and of being a part of such a process. The main purpose of this statement is to look into the operation system and describe the support given by MR to its franchisees. The survey will emphasize findings in the investigation, around the financial implications of getting started with and belonging to a franchise group, the advantages of the system and the characteristics of successful associates. Recommendations are given to associates of the association on how the franchise program should be work in order for it being beneficial to associates after they sign up for the system. In case you have any queries or feedback regarding the meaning of this survey, please please contact us upon 021 650 4757. We look forward to nearby again rapidly.

Yours Really

Miss S i9000. Stronach and Miss L. Shitholani

Terms of Reference

This kind of report was requested by Mr. Axel Le Rait, the President of the Association of Engine Dealers and Repair Training courses in S. africa, on the twenty one August 2012. Mr. Axel Le Rait ordered this kind of report to investigate if little enterprises around South Africa could possibly be interested in turning out to be franchisees of Mzansi Radiators (MR). The instructions presented were to:

1 . Check out the franchise system and describe the support given by MR to its dispenses.

installment payments on your Evaluate the monetary implications of joining and belonging to a franchise group.

3. Investigate the key benefits of the system and the kind of person best suited for this form of trading.

5. Consider all the other factors relevant to members from the Association that might help them with a successful application.

5. Draw conclusions and make tips relevant to associates of the Connection.

Professional summary

This kind of report explains the stability of small enterprises turning out to be franchisees of Mzansi Radiator units (MR), a South Photography equipment radiator restoration business. Especially, it illustrates the functions and characteristics of Mzansi Radiators. This info was present in the article titled " Revenue Boil Over” and in numerous interviews. These types of interviews were with Mr. Le Rait and Mister. H. I actually. Speed, the franchise supervisor of MR and supplemented with feedback from existing franchisees. Key Findings

The findings inside the report suggest that various requirements are essential if the small business is usually deciding whether or not it would wish to become a franchise. Before that information will probably be provided, it was found that there is definite potential for the growth of black-owned small companies due to the fact that car manufacturers have got increased the sizes of their engines and decreased how big radiators. This means that there will a good amount of customers because this will increase the amount of radiator challenges and thus the advantages of repairs. Apart from the earning potential in the industry, Mzanzi Radiators has a major talk about in the industry and its particular operations duration across forty percent of the market. Thus, if perhaps these small businesses buy into the franchise, they can benefit within their wealth. It was found there are several requirements that are necessary to buy into the franchise and thus before members of the Association of Motor Dealers and Repair Training courses in South Africa can become a franchisee, they have to ensure these are generally meet. The main is that these types of small businesses need to have between R...

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