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Biopsychosocial Model

Brenda L. Brandmier


Instructor: Kaira Hayes

November 14, 2013

Biopsychosocial Model

In today's world what an individual believes is abnormal is definitely regularly regarded as a type of disease. The Biopsychosocial Model is composed of three significant parts used to hunt for and understand how the fundamentals of health issues could branch from neurological aspects of functioning within the body system. The mental section pursuit of possible emotional causes including low feeling of really worth, little do it yourself control, sadness, and irritableness. The social section involves socio-economic status aspects. Biopsychosocial and Biomedical Model

" Behavior, mental processes, interpersonal influences, and health will be intimately linked. This is the important message in the biopsychosocial type of health” (Straub, 2012, s. 484). Biopsychosocial is rather not the same as the biomedical model that health middle workers in the medical field use as a sort of treatment version that centers more on biochemistry and its physiological servings. The biomedical model provides explanation regarding the biological part lacking the text of the internal and cultural conditions. The biomedical unit along with the biopsychosocial model will be representations of health and are frequently acknowledged in today's society. The biomedical model deems the possible lack of disease health and fitness in the entire body. The biomedical model is good, however , it includes limits. The biopsychosocial model considers the complete individual who has led to broad researched research within various aspects. The biopsychosocial model address more than physical health, several individuals are in poor health; yet , have no presence of a disease. Socio-economic placement, one's competition, ethnicity, and generational difference have significant parts within the model of wellbeing (Martin, Louis 1999). During the past, numerous countries have noticed a routine change from different diseases to chronic because the major reasons for casualty and lots of disabilities. Different management and treatments of chronic disease can be an everlasting practice as illnesses such as stroke, cancer, and heart disease grow. A biomedical healthcare professional of drugs would make a diagnosis of serious disease after an individual got the disease then treat/manage the issue coming from a natural standpoint with medicines and surgery. To the contrary, a biopsychosocial health care specialist would direct attention to the neurological grounds incorporated with the emotional and social issues of the issue available (Martin, Paillette, 1999). The for the above mentioned could be, an individual may be advised medications by a biomedical physician. A bio-psycho-social health care provider may advise prescription drugs along with observing the patient and the individuals family's reactions to the disease and attempt to treat the patients depression and stress that can accompany Alzheimer's disease. Numerous researches have stated positive emotional and psychological support is imperative to get a successful recovery/management of a disease like Alzheimer's (Tugade, Fredrickson, & Barrett, 2004). The biopsychosocial version gives each idea regarding the power of thoughts and sociable situations include on their physical wellness. However , many argue about the model and direct attention to the way it might be helpful to physicians. Importance of the biopsychosocial model can offer a structure for people to see one there individual. The style emphasizes the psychological and social reasons behind a disease; yet , it also displays there are choices of other treatment options for disease, from medical to social\ psychological standpoint. Strengths from the Model

One strength of the unit is creating the factors that have an effect on ones wellness. This by itself is an important procedure for healing. Since patients, once psychological, and social aspects are involved, it is comprehensible that people have some control...

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