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 Essay regarding Religion and Science

Tarek Sharaf

Project #2(2)


Religions and Sciences

" Religion is science and science is religion” this is certainly my secret and perception in this existence. However , not every religions believe science all the time. In my point of view, if a religion will not agree with science at all then it can't be a genuine religion, since if GOODNESS created anything and every thing have a unique science, consequently, the true faith from a true GOD will need to agree with technology that was developed by GOD.

I used to be born a Christian, yet I converted to Islam years back with my children. What made myself actually think about embracing Islam is Science itself. For example , when I browse the Muslim's book the holy Quran, I came across so many clinical information that actually was learned only years ago using that solid technologies of nowadays. For example , the holy Quran told the Muslims about the planets and how they move around the sun by almost around 1400 in years past! Also, so many other scientific matters that agree with Islam, which in my point of view made me think Islam is the proper religion.

Despite the fact that Science aren't prove faith, but there exists still that strong romance between them. However , the nature, environmental surroundings, and all the creatures truly belong to research and religion at the same time. For example , if we want to analyze humans we use diverse scientific methods, however , all of us will find themselves in ought to use religious understandings which can help us greatly to study the humans further, like studying how they were created as well as the concept of the soul as well as the fetus…etc.

Finally, religion and technology are firmly correlated every depends on the additional to create a total understanding of things. However , religions don't have to completely agree with scientific research in almost everything, because occasionally science can be wrong and religion is correct, and sometimes the opposite. For example , once Charles Darwin said human beings are actually evolved from monkeys,...