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The company Dove has a long history. Ove chocolate is among the productions that Mars offers in Cina, Mars is known as a transnational firm and it is a biggest pet food business and desserts of the world, Dove enter the Chinese suppliers market in 1989, and, and became the chocolate leader brand in1995. " My moment, my personal Dove” is their advertising and marketing message. IN CUI Chocolate produces chocolate graces and only chocolate indulgence, consideration is paid out to top quality, ensuring a silky, clean texture and delicious, lingering taste. Various people love it very much. The reliable questionnaire shows that you will discover 80%people in china understands Dove candy. DOVE means Do You Love Me.

Chocolates seems became the highly recommended of present for people. As we all know Dove is a very well-known brand in China that we now have 80%of persons knew In cui chocolate. However , when the consumers who want to get some delicious chocolate come into the supermarket, they have many chooses, there are different brand, distinct taste and different quality of chocolate. Every customer care if the chocolate includes a good quality and good style, but several customer offers different need, like fan like a beautiful package of chocolate, or possibly a package means love, kid like a great taste of chocolate, probably more sweet. Dove have sufficient serious of chocolate, you decide to use " In cui hearts” and segment the market for three parts, base within the geographic, demographics, Psychographic, and behavioral of customers. Lifestyle

Together with the rapidly advancement society and technology, you will find more and more requirements for people, all their like to share their emotion and enjoy like. Many ladies just like chocolate. Some of them enjoy chocolates is just cause they like sweet and oily foodstuff, they consume it as snacks, also some women said chocolates can make them forgot miserable thing, and make them feel unwind. In the furthermore, some girls like the story of delicious chocolate, maybe that they like intimate thing. Of course we all known kids like appetizers. They just like...