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Niña Beatrice L. Lumanag



The use of different means in hydroponics


The usage of both chaveta peat and shredded conventional paper will have a better effect on the expansion of the brassica rappa pekinesis (Chinese cabbage)

Independent Varying:

Number of seeds

Dependent Variable:

Growth charge of the Oriental cabbage


I. Operations involved in the Creation:

A. Photosynthesis

B. Normal water Cycle

II. Reasons:

A. To make crops grow two times as fast

B. More crops can be produced in small areas

C. It is much less labour extensive

III. Benefits:

A. That saves space and normal water

B. Recycles waste and promotes substitute energy

C. It has tastier and much healthier organic products


Hydroponics is definitely the science of growing crops in a method, other than dirt, using mixes of the necessary plant nutrient elements dissolved in water. It is very valuable because it will not need fertilization, cultivation, plant rotation, nearly has no weeds, is solution, has larger yields, much less labour, better control, simplicity of starting off new plants in fact it is a means of upgrading poor plants. Hydroponics are also ideal for flat-dwellers in urban zones. (Dudley Harris, Hydroponics: The full Guide to Horticulture Without Soil, 1992, New Holland Posting, pg. 18, 19 and 22). Cocopeat can be used pertaining to hydroponics because it is eco-friendly alternate for to mined peat moss. It also holds a whole lot of drinking water and has pH of 5. six to 6. your five. (John Mason, Sustainable Farming, 2003, Sydney, Landlinks Press, pg. 192). The researchers will be using Chinese cabbage as test subject to get whether or not it includes faster expansion rate. Chinese language cabbage is appropricate for testing because nutrient remedy can either reduce or boost its expansion rate. (David Jin and Sally Jin, Advances in Multimedia, Application Engineering and Computing Vol. 1, 2011, China, Springer-Verlag Berlin Hiedelberg, pg. 227)....