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 Schizophrenia Differential Diagnosis Essay

Vignette Analysis II

What is schizophrenia?

Ingerir (2013) states that " Schizophrenia us a psychotic disorder in which personal, cultural, and occupational functioning weaken as a result of peculiar perceptions, uncommon emotions, and motor abnormalities” (p. 426). What are Delusions?

Comer (2013) suggests " delusions are a strange false opinion firmly kept despite proof presented towards the contrary” (p. 426). What are hallucinations?

Ingerir (2013) states " hallucinations are perceptions that result from the lack of external stimuli” (p. 430). What is Dual Diagnosis: Drug abuse and Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness http://www.nami.or/content/contentgroups/ retrieved six June 2013, suggests that people who can struggle with both, significant mental condition and substance abuse, face concerns of enormous proportions because substance abuse tends to complicate virtually all aspects of take care of the individual with mental illness. Diagnosis becomes difficult since it takes time to unravel the presenting associated with substance abuse and the mental condition.

Precisely what are Antipsychotic Medicines?

According to Comer (2013, p. 455) antipsychotic medications help right grossly confused or altered thinking. Examples of atypical [receive fewer dopamine D-2 receptors and even more D-1, D-4, and serotonin receptors than conventional antipsychotic medications] antipsychotic medicines include: clozapine (Clozaril), risperidone (Risperdal), olanzapine (Zyprexa), quetiapine (Seroquel), ziprasidone (Geodon), and aripiprazole (Abilify) (p. 458)., Recovered 7 06 2013, gives important merchandise information about INVEGA SUSTENNA, an additional atypical antipsychotic, used for the management and treatment of schizophrenia. INVEGA SUSTENNA is taken once-per-month since it is a long-acting medication given by injection with a healthcare professional inside the arm or perhaps buttocks with the client/patient. Known side effects in a few people are listed as " reactions with the injection internet site, sleepiness, dizziness, a feeling of internal restlessness, and abnormal muscle movement”.

Vignette Analysis

Axis I (Principle Disorder)

Possibly: Schizophrenia Disorder; Substance Abuse Disorder; Male or female Identity Disorder

Roger's father and mother indicate that " this individual has had a dialog to people” whilst in his space.

Roger likewise indicates that " he has had exposure to other sizes of reality and offers visited past lives. ” With these kinds of account recommendations (assuming naturally that Roger actually see's [delusions] the individuals that states he had get in touch with with), we should assume in the presenting materials, that Roger may actually meet the criteria to get: a Weird Type I actually of Schizophrenia Disorder (p. 433) when he clearly displays (a) delusions (2)hallucinations (3) information presented indicates Roger presents with these schizophrenia symptoms for more than six months, which usually according to DSM-IV-TR medical diagnosis, is another condition that is necessary criteria associated with Schizophrenia Disorder. Plus, his parents referenced they observed changes in his behavior during the last year (Comer, 2013, p. 433).

Roger's symptoms referenced in the vignette happen to be typical of people who receive a positive symptom (p. 427) diagnosis of schizophrenia. Comer (2013) states " many people with schizophrenia develop delusions, concepts that they imagine wholeheartedly but they have no basis in fact” (p. 427). Additionally , " people with schizophrenia experience psychosis – a state in which a person loses connection with reality in key ways” (p. 426). Comer (2013) further claims " hallucinations and delusional ideas often occur together” (p. 431).

Furthermore, his parents state of Roger " employing drugs” should be validated simply by something aside from their " feelings” that his strange behavior means Roger can be using medicines. A drug test is in fact needed to produce truth of fact finding of presenting evidence...

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