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Rockland Community Church

Youth Saturday 2014



The value of Friendships Made in Christ


Good morning, I am Will Moss and I am just a older and the College student Body President at Evergreen High School, and next fall I will be attending The state of colorado State School and studying business. Early on Life

Delivery and Relatives

Now, I am so blessed to be a section of the Moss family; well taken care of and well loved by mother and father Scott and Beverly. Many thanks mom and dad for always being there and supporting my personal dreams and raising me personally in such a fantastic community just like Evergreen. Good friends

Developing up in this article has afforded me a few truly great friendships, friends that I understand I will maintain for the rest of my life. These are close friends that I have experienced since Kindergarten and my early years at school and have flourished through senior high school and will no doubt continue throughout the rest of my academic profession and in the foreseeable future. Not only did all of us grow up at university, but only at Rockland jointly in the faith.


Because of this, they became more than just my friends, although more like my personal second family. People with who I experienced at home with, could be myself about, and help me with no matter what I needed. San Diego


In 5th class, however , my dad had a job opportunity open up for him in San Diego, not a unpleasant place to need to move, but a place through which I would not really be between all of my friends with whom I had built these particular relationships. Friends

However , because nervous and sad as I was, it did not take long to make new close friends, and a few of those friends changed into more of the sort of friends that felt similar to family, and who We still connect with to this day. My spouse and i still keep in mind the children group we would go to, where the leader would say a prayer before everyone might head out into the surf collectively. But of course We still missed my Timeless friends, and when made a surprise visit it made me reminded me just how...