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Challenging Limitations



" On a flight to Distance The clouds are not stopping On roads that flex, It is not turning, that is the end Where a caterpillar ends The butterfly starts No directions, no milestones Dreams only need wings Love keeps all of us on program Energised to scale altitudes with power We go beyond what mind permits And challenge all limits”


Challenging Limits

What does AACSB mean to Recruiters?

The AACSB accreditation is the hallmark of brilliance in quest driven valuebased education. The main focus is usually to strive and harness brilliance in study, teaching and specified learning goals. TAPMI joins a top of the line membership of fewer than five per cent of the business schools around the world. Internationally, certain research performs found that AACSBaccredited colleges provide substantial academic standards, a dedicated teachers and excellent students. The mission-critical culture and the complete process positioning enable students to internalize these aspects at an fuzy level so much so that they are job-ready, mission-oriented and they are highly adaptable to any organisational climate. There exists a constant commitment to progress meaningful connections between learners and a professional faculty to bring unique insights into business. The Company is dedicated to OutcomeBased Learning (OBL) using a clear perspective on the learning-goals of the system. The courses are designed to continually bench-mark against the requirements with the industry and the knowledge of the changing commercial scenario. This could enable the students to be competent professionals and attain certain intended learning outcomes. TAPMI brings together an array of management professions. It provides a energetic environment exactly where theory is usually put into practice and educates those to manage operate, society and life. The best testament of TAPMI's initiatives and brilliance is the elevating number of grounds recruits yearly. TAPMI prides in making job-ready managers in the graduates and builds a powerful emphasis on enterprise and development. Our students are aggressive, and they obtain pride from their achievements pertaining to the establishments that they serve. TAPMI continues to be providing top quality, innovative organization education through the years and works with a traditional strategy with broader environmental, social and ethical context highly relevant to today's businesses. Teaching methods have been built to identify the initial abilities from the students. They are really taught to strengthen the essential thinking, teamwork, creative and leadership expertise and be able to speak ideas within a collaborative environment. TAPMIans are well prepared and gain actual insights to make the most. Study shows that 89% of B-Schools report that having AACSB Accreditation allows them to develop higher calibre, better informed graduates whom are more desirable to possible employers, who are able to make an appropriate choice among conflicting ends and whom are understanding to ambiguity and diversity. They develop self confidence and bring about great information from their experience with the travel to succeed in all types of organisations. On their behalf, there are not any right or wrong decisions; there are only acceptable or perhaps unacceptable implications. This is the substance of a TAPMIan. Our pioneering vision is always to encourage learners from different backgrounds to become highly productive business experts. I i am confident that your visit is going to benefit you and your company. I look ahead to seeing you at the TAPMI campus.

L. C. Natarajan, PhD Overseer

Our groundbreaking vision is always to encourage college students from varied backgrounds to get highly fruitful business professionals.

Dear Partner,

We would like to thank all our corporate partners who have been hiring the country's best young corporate thoughts from our grounds. In spite of a hardcore economic situation last year, you selected the country's best talent from our campus and that shows...