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 Essay regarding Student Level Management System

п»їChapter 1: Problem and Its Qualifications


In the recent years, technology continues to develop and enhances its capacity affecting every single individual's daily routines. Technology has impacted the different areas of life and certainly altered and expanded the way we all live (Oak, 2011). Probably the most common technologies used by persons around the globe is definitely computer. In respect to Worldwide Telecommunications Union or ITU, in 2010, precisely Filipino users over the Philippines' population ends in 29, seven-hundred, 000 over 99, 900, 177 or perhaps 29. 7% of our inhabitants. The users of computers greatly increased and prospered mainly because it was made. Nowadays, pcs in any kind become a fundamental element of our lives because of its functionality. The goal of computers has engaged in to complexity which will made almost everything possible beyond our thoughts and even produced an incredible arrival in education. A student using a computer in doing all institution works finds it easier than someone who will it manually. A professor could also find the most up-to-date lessons that would benefit his students and make his teachings more effective. Indeed, laptop has done a great deal to all individuals.

Grading is one of the most important activities a faculty member does in education. A large number of problems in teaching occur because of grading issues. Manual computation is incredibly prompt to risk for any kind of circumstances. It is time consuming when it comes to recording levels and calculation using a calculator. In case of unexpected calamity and some records happen to be lost, it is difficult to access it. Accuracy and protection has not been thus defined in a manual system. Due to this declaration, a computerized grading program was created that eliminated the term " manual”. A computerized grading program helped not simply the students yet also the professors in various aspects of grading. The students may easily acquire details about their levels and also taken away their period wasted in repeatedly returning to school also in nonschool days in order to collect their very own grades. The professors can now record more proficiently and effectively releases the grades promptly. The registrars can also keep the school information for the longest period without worrying regarding such things as misplacement or disappearance of the records. A computerized grading system is a must for each university.

Addresses to this, we, BS Technology – next year pupils, proposes our university, Isabela State College or university – Angadanan Campus (ISU-AC), implement and conduct a computerized grading system that is known as " Student Class Management System” (SGMS) to handle every scholar's grades within our university. The said system will be a great help in each of our university and also serve as a stepping stone in achieving higher desired goals. The age of " manual computing” is long gone and we must take the initiative in creating better possibilities for a better education which will result in the best world.


This picture describes and shows the processing actions of SGMS system. It is presented in three bins: Input, Procedure, and Output. The initial box presents the data which can be entered intended for processing. The center box signifies the processes which will take place, as well as the third field is the grading system alone.


Perhaps there is any relevance in applying a computerized grading management system in ISU-AC? Is the recommended project more accurate and more efficient than the current grading program? Is the recommended project user-friendly and easy to control?


To create a computerized grading system that may eliminate every one of the problems linked to manual grading system. To judge the users' perception from the system using the following standards: Acceptability





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