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The Shadow's Personality. " I was what you make me. ” (Great Objectives, 238). Several aren't able to control their own activities, and their goal in life is determined by someone else. In the Even victorian era fiction novel, Wonderful Expectations, by Charles Dickens, the main figure Estella, is actually a beautiful lady raised and controlled by her adoptive mother, Miss Havisham to wreak chaos on the man sex. Even though they have similar purpose, and still have similar characteristics, both character types have different purposes, level of ruthlessness, and motives. Even though equally characters manage to have the same aim, they do not have the same motives. Miss Havisham tries to harm all guys possible, away of trend, and requirement for revenge. Estella, on the other hand, becoming raised simply by Miss Havisham, knows to accomplish nothing else but that. Miss Havisham tries revenge since she has in person suffered, was to be committed to a good man who have swindled some of her cash, then still left her in the altar. " ‘The day time came, but is not the lick. ' (Dickens 141)This is what drives Miss Havisham in to wanting to damage all males. Out of the spite comes Estella as you may know her, raised by Miss Havisham to revenge their self by hurting men. As opposed to Miss Havisham, Estella does not have any control about what she gets to do with her your life. What pushes her to control all guys, is instead Miss Havisham's anger and need for vengeance, " Estella was started wreak Miss Havisham's vengeance on men... ” (237). Miss Havisham acts about personal tremendous grief, and hate whereas Estella acts about what the girl was taught. As we are able to see Estella is definitely nothing but Miss Havisham's porcelain figurine, used to execute her actions. Regardless of Miss Havisham's goal with Estella, Estella is usually projected to become more merciful towards Pip, then Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham, promotes Pip to fall in love with Estella. Estella alternatively warns Pip not to, away of consideration to protect Pip from heartbreak. Miss Havisham wants Pip...