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three or more CHAPTER TAXES DETERMINATION; PERSONAL AND HABBIT EXEMPTIONS; A SUMMARY OF PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS Teacher: The test items in both print Check Bank and ExamView test-creation software are numbered by question type within every chapter. Thus, users of ExamView can easily more easily preview their choices using the printed Test Lender in the same numbering program. Status: Present Topic THE CASE OR PHONY 1 2 3 4 5 six 7 almost 8 9 12 11 12 13 16 15 18 17 18 19 twenty 21 twenty two 23 twenty-four 25 21 27 28 29 Amount of current income tax rates Meaning of gross income Profits taxation and example of global approach Effect of AGI around the medical discount Filing status: surviving other half versus wedded filing separate Additional regular deductions: single and married amounts Standard deduction and adjustment for inflation Further standard discount of a based mostly Itemized deductions versus regular deduction Basic and additional common deductions Itemized deductions or standard discount Itemized deductions or standard deduction Itemized deductions or standard deduction Standard deduction for citizen alien Standard deduction requirements when committed persons data file separately Regular deduction: 12 months of death Dependents standard deduction Dependents standard discount Dependents normal deduction Dependents personal exemption not allowed Claiming a spouse on a distinct return Willpower of marital status Dedication of marital status Gross income test and scholarships Support ensure that you capital costs Support ensure that you unexpended money of based mostly Multiple support agreement: amount of support rendered by dependent Divorce decree muted: custodial parent or guardian wins Relationship test pertaining to former in-laws and ex-wife 3-1 The same Unchanged Unrevised Modified Unchanged New Unrevised Unchanged Fresh Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged New Unchanged Unrevised Unchanged Fresh New Unrevised Unchanged Unrevised Unchanged The same Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Fresh New Unchanged 7 almost eight 10 14 12 18 15 of sixteen 19 twenty 21 22 23 24 25 twenty six 1 2 3 some 5 Model Q/P in Prior Edition Question/ Difficulty 29 3-2 30 Question/ Problem 23 32 thirty-three 34 thirty five 36 37 38 39 40 forty one 42 43 44 forty-five 46 forty seven 48 forty-nine 50 fifty-one 52 53 54 2009 Annual Edition/Test Bank Romance test: ex-sister-in-law Unchanged Position: Present Model Unchanged New Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Unrevised Unchanged Fresh New Unrevised Unchanged The same New Revised Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Altered Modified The same Modified The same Unchanged The same 30 Q/P in Preceding Edition thirty-one 33 34 35 36 37 Matter Qualifying kid: age ensure that you full-time college student status Qualifying child: home test Hitched child and joint returning test Citizenship/residency test intended for dependents Citizenship/residency test for dependents On stealth taxes: character of Duty Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and elimination of the phaseout of exemptions Kiddie tax: attained income and support different Kiddie tax: when not applicable Kiddie taxes: how utilized Kiddie taxes: when parental election available; child may be required to data file Kiddie taxes: unearned profits requirement Kiddie tax: wedded filing with each other exception Requirements for monetary year, well-timed filed returning Surviving partner status Making it through spouse position: year of death Relationship penalty: committed persons processing separate comes back Head of household position Head of household position Abandoned loved one status: contrast married processing separate Personal use deficits versus personal use gains Long-term capital gain: least expensive rate relevant Taxation of gain on collectibles Offsetting different-term capital losses to be able to term capital gains MULTIPLE CHOICE forty five 41 42 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 you 2 three or more 4 a few 6 several 8 9 10 11 12 13 Itemized deductions Deductions pertaining to AGI AGI determination AGI determination AGI determination AGI determination Taxable income of any dependent Taxable income of a dependent Taxable income of any dependent Taxable income of a dependent Determination of faveur Determination of exemptions Determination of exemptions Unchanged...