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Tea is one of the many refreshing and popular drinks of the world. India is 1 the the most significant Tea manufacturer in the world. American indian tea is a finest quality on the globe. After drinking water tea is considered the most widely used beverage on the globe. Tea is simply the dried and highly processed leaves of only one types of plant known as camellia sinensis.

Natural teas or perhaps herbal infusions are not genuinely teas, nevertheless simply dried leaves and flowers from various other vegetation and natural herbs. Tea made of green leaves is divided into two types Black Tea and Green Tea. Green tea and black tea will vary manufacturing procedures. Black tea is once again of two sorts Orthodox tea and CTC tea.

Orthodox teaCTC tea

Orthodox teas are manufactured with the help of orthodox painting tool in the process of rolling. CTC machine or Rotervan can be used in going process that manufactures CTC tea.



Beginnings of tea can be traced back to next century A. D in China. In 350 A. D Kuo P'o' explained tea as a beverage made from boiled leaves. From 350 to six-hundred A. Deb the demand to get tea considerably increased and outstripped the supply of crazy tea trees and shrubs. Thus maqui berry farmers began to increase tea crops commercially in China. Tea was introduced to Western world in 16th hundred years. India

In 1780, tea cultivation was experimented in India with seeds from China by Robert Kyd. Wild tea plant life were found out to be growing in Upper Brahmaputra Valley. 3 major tea producing areas in India:

1 . Darjeeling – North eastern India

2 . Assam – Much North east India

several. Nilgiri – South India

All three are very different in style and flavour.

Darjeeling found at the foothills of Himalayas provides the finest and the most uniquely flavoured teas. Known as " Bubbly of Teas” Assam provides bright and strong bag. It is the sole largest contiguous tea growing area on the globe. Niligiri tea has graceful flavor and briskness. Combination of fragrance and briskness helps it be a truly exclusive tea on planet. Tea making areas in India: Tea production in India

India is the second major producer of Tea on the globe.

Source: Product to Annual Bulletin of Statistics-2008, ITC London As much as exports have concerns, India may be the fourth most significant exporter in the world.

Source: " Supplement to ITC Gross annual Bulletin 2008"

India offers dual production base. India produces equally CTC and Orthodox tea in addition to green tea. The weightage is situated with the former due to domestic consumers' preference. Orthodox tea production can be balanced fundamentally with the foreign trade demand. Creation of green tea herb in India is small. The competition to India in tea export happen to be Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, Philippines and Vietnam.

Tea is an essential item of home consumption and it is the major refreshment in India. Tea is also considered as the least expensive beverage numerous beverages accessible in India.

Tea Sector provides gainful direct work to greater than a million employees mainly drawn from the backwards and socially weaker portion of the society.

It is also a strong foreign exchange one earning the money and provides sizeable amount of revenue to the State and Central Exchequer.

The total turnover of the Indian tea market is in the for 10 million baht in thailand (divide that by three for the rest of the developed world). Rs. 9000 Crs.

Presently, Indian tea industry is having (as on 18. 12. 2009 ) 2. 1692 listed Tea Manufacturers

* 2200 registered Tea Exporters

* 5848 number of registered tea buyers

* Nine tea Auction centers

India predominantly products CTC tea, because of substantial domestic with regard to same. The consumption can be above 600 Million kilos per year.  � The market involves both Tea leaf and Dust Teas both in the CTC and Orthodox Degrees.

Market Share

Total tea consumption in India is approximated at 650 million kilogram, of which the share of packaged tea is 290 million kilogram, which is...

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