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Bernard Winton's that eye, the sky (1986) uses first-person narrative tactics, symbolism, symbolism and characterisation to create the persona of Morton Flack, the narrator and protagonist of the novel. Winton uses Ort's lien to give the reader insights into the Flack relatives, the relationships they have plus the issues that they face. Since Winton evolves Ort's narration the reader comes with many representational images. The most crucial symbol and imagery in the novel may be the sky. Ahead of Henry Warburton entering the life span of Ort and educating him regarding God and religion, Ort sees the sky because an eyesight which looks over the world and sees everything. Throughout the story the eye images signifies the spirituality and mysticism among Ort and Henry. This kind of essay will certainly analyse just how Winton uses the eye images to reveal the differences between the two characters simply by examining Ort's unyielding beliefs in a higher force and Henry Warburton's ever changing marriage with God. This paper will also assess the dispositions of both equally Ort and Henry.

To explain the character of Ort and his journey throughout the novel, one could look to both equally vision/imagination and spirituality. Ort appears to be a very imaginative kid who lacks know-how and education. This is exhibited in the book throughout the colloquial terminology of the text message with key phrases such as ‘Geez, yeah' and ‘Yer justa kid' (p 35 & 36). Ort has thoughts of an attention in the sky, jewels appearing inside the flour container and alarms ringing in the forest. During the night Ort sees rabbits' sight around the fencing line and a mysterious light over a house (Matthew, 1986, g 83), although Winton describes the light while " just a little cloud small and fat like a woolly sheep” (p 51). Nobody different can see these types of visions. Most of the time Ort keeps these images to him self.

Mike and Alice Flack decided to move to the country after marriage so that they can live amongst the trees and shrubs. The countryside is another strong image in the book which...