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Information: The Renegrido plaintiffs in these cases were denied admission educational institutions attended by white kids under the laws and regulations requiring or permitting segregation according to race. All of the court followed the " separate but equal” doctrine and organised that the injured parties were not accepted to the light schools (except for the plaintiff in the Delaware case). In the quick cases, the plaintiffs say that seperated public educational institutions are not " equal” and perhaps they are deprived in the equal safety of the laws and regulations. 1 . Holding: the The courtroom held that:

* The history in the Fourteenth Change is not yet proven as to its intended influence on the public education. * Segregation of children in public areas schools exclusively on the basis of contest, even though the physical facilities and also other " tangible” factors may be equal, deprives the children of the minority selection of the the same educational opportunities. * In neuro-scientific education, the doctrine " separate yet equal” is without place.

The group will abide by this decision of The Substantial Court as it was not good to have black and white pupils separated in various schools. We believe that elegance against children in public colleges solely upon skin color, although the facilities or perhaps other " tangible" elements may be similar deprives the minority kids group of the academic opportunities equivalent education. In addition , Racism while using approval with the law has a tendency to slow down the development of the educational and mental development of black kids, deprives all of them of the rewards they should have been entitled within a school to integrate almost all races. We agree that education in public schools can be described as right which must be made available to all about equal terms. The doctrine " separate but equal" has no place in the field of public education. Consequently , we believe those who are discriminated against have been miserable of the Equal Protection with the laws underneath the Fourteenth Change because of the variation mentioned above. 2 . Legal...