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Product 2 - Assignment

Shellie Everhart

Kaplan University


February doze, 2012

Professor Charles Benson

Unit a couple of Question:

Ashton kutcher, a salaried employee, was terminated coming from his organization in The spring of this season. Business was slow considering that the beginning of the 12 months, and each from the operating crops had yang lain off personnel. Ken's termination was refined through the Recruiting Department, however the information had not been relayed towards the corporate payroll office. Since had been the policy, bank checks for workers at remote sites were mailed for the employees. The mailing of Ken's checks continued for four each week paydays. That wasn't until the monthly salaries reports were sent to Ken's supervisor the error was detected. Tobey maguire refused to come back the four extra inspections. What actions should the firm take?


The tenderize in connection accrued if the Human Resource Department did Not fill in the proper paper work for Tobey maguire to the corporate payroll business office. Since it was the fault of the business I do not really feel that Tobey maguire should have to payback the money unless it was particularly stated in you can actually personal guidelines. If it returns to Tobey maguire being rehired by the company, then they may address the situation with him paying the extra money back via his paydays. In looking for sources around the internet, I actually couldn't discover any laws and regulations regarding Ken's issue. If he had authorized a parting agreement that gave him severance spend or described in detail in the event such a mishap happened then the business could make Tobey maguire return the money that was paid to him. The organization needs to rethink how they will lay employee off and how they can end this from happening once again. The division that taken care of Ken's layoff should be looked at and find out where mistake occurred and correct automobile who had built the mistake by simply writing him/her up.