The Disparity Between Intellect and Character

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The Difference Between Intelligence and Personality

How do you make clear the fact that morally bad people can be highly well-informed in terms of ethics and religious beliefs? In other words, how do you account for the gap that sometimes takes place between understanding of ethics and being an moral person? I do think that people whom are nasty people and are also educated in ethics and religion will be people that may have been taught what ethics will be as a child but have chosen to become nonethical people in a sense. Even though you happen to be educated and might feel as if you understand more than somebody else because of the university you may have attended or the family members that you may have originated from, doesn't imply that you have values or you happen to be being an ethical person. Like a person together with the knowledge of what having values are and being an ethical person often goes hidden or overlooked by some. I think we as a culture try to educate our children and ourselves the best and the incorrect things to do we sometimes forget to teach these people or ourselves about having ethics and what ethics are. Also in school, we could taught some points about ethics and how to become an ethical person, but I do not think that it should go deep enough for some individuals to understand understand of exactly what a person with ethics is. There are so many things that society has regarded as more of a few importance that having integrity are forgotten. Do you think that colleges include a moral obligation to assist students are more ethical people? Why or why not? I think colleges carry out have a moral obligation to help college students be more honest people. I believe that university is the last step to find out the things that will allow you to throughout your life and having ethics can be one of them. I do believe that the teachers that you handle throughout your course of college can teach you the issues that they find out and may have been through. Certainly, you may really know what having values and what being an moral person is definitely before you get to school but even more elaboration on the subject would...