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July 23th, 2012

The Legalization of Medicinal Pot

Many technological communities all over the world have created persuasive facts supporting marijuana's cannabinoid potential as a way to obtain treatment. Analgesia, glaucoma, radiation treatment and HIV-related gastrointestinal disorders are just a few among the vast amount of conditions which via marijuana will help provide comfort. Unfortunately the us government continually place a adverse stigma about marijuana by regulating their availability to get testing as being a classified " Schedule I” controlled compound through a misguided political agenda. Until the governmental view stage changes, medical marijuana will never be able to reach its complete potential. The us government claims that marijuana is without therapeutic or perhaps medicinal benefit and as such features classified this as a " Schedule I" controlled material. Customarily, these types of classifications demand the systematic evaluation and examination of a substance, but congress has sidestepped the Controlled Substance Act and assigned this to this category without following the correct method. Other chemicals also graded within the " Schedule I” category are LSD and heroin. Cocaine and opium are labeled below pot in what is referred to as " Timetable II” since they are believed to have some known medical benefit. If scientists received the same chance to study pot, as they performed LSD inside the 1950's, it would soon always be obvious that this (marijuana) have been misclassified due to political bias (Lee & Shalin 3-4). Because of the " Schedule I” label about cannabis, a license must be attained from the Medicine Enforcement Company to conduct any analysis pertaining to study regarding marijuana. In addition , once a license has been obtained, the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) is responsible for offering the weed used in screening. Numerous efforts to study the consequences of marijuana have been blackballed by the NIDA and...

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