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This chapter is going to enable you to:


Explain the nature of globalization Measure the pace and extent of globalization


Explain the value of globalization for businesses and countries Analyse the factors inhibiting globalization


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Analyse the factors traveling and assisting globalization



Case Study Globalization and Dell

The globalization process entails the business of financial, political, sociable, and technological links amongst countries. This case illustrates how one company, Dell, acquired involved in, and profited by, the process of the positive effect. It displays: how Dell took advantage of the freeing up of cross-border trade and investment to create a global source chain throughout five continents and to enter foreign markets; how completely to adjust its products to different region contexts and just how its production methods have already been influenced by simply foreign businesses. its equipment in its own plants although outsources the supply of many elements such as motherboards and CD/DVD drives to other companies and, as a result, is usually heavily dependent on international suppliers like Samsung of South Korea, Infineon of Germany, Foxconn in China and tiawan, the Nederlander firm Phillips, Nokia in Finland, and Sony of Japan. The full production operation from the design and style to assembly stage may involve a dozen countries. The Dell Laptop computer illustrates the complex global nature of Dell's source chain. The device was designed by simply Dell designers in Arizona and Taiwan and constructed in Malaysia from parts made in Chinese suppliers, the Thailand, Germany, Singapore, Costa Rica, His home country of israel, India, Asia, and Mexico. Dell's production system should minimize the amount of components held in stock. It does this by making use of principles of lean manufacturing and just-in-time production initial employed by Japanese manufacturers just like Toyota.

The Company

Dell, situated in Texas, is definitely the world's second largest maker of personal pcs and is continuing to grow very fast. Inside the ten years up to 2007, product sales increased via US$5 billion to US$57 billion. Income are around the ВЈ3 billion dollars mark. The corporation sells above 100, 500 computers each day, most of them immediate to the final customer over the internet.

Selecting Spots

Dell's decisions about where you can locate happen to be driven by desire to minimize costs and extend the build-to-order, direct selling model around the world. Dell has taken advantage of the reduction and associated with barriers to trade and investment to locate in areas and sites that ideal meet it is needs. Offered the necessity to have production and support capabilities in the major markets, the business selects certain locations based upon a combination of factors including the top quality of labour and its cost—the company situated in Ireland wherever labour expense were lower than in most different members of the EU—now it truly is considering locating to one of the new EUROPEAN UNION member says in Asian Europe, such as the Czech Republic, where personnel are welleducated but much cheaper and less firmly unionized as compared to other EU countries; the quality of transport and telecommunications infrastructure—its sites in Tennessee can be found close to major roads also to a Federal Communicate distribution centre—the availability, quality, and cost of telecommunications bandwidth are also factors, especially for phone centres and data organisations; access and proximity to markets—Malaysia is definitely centrally located to get markets in the Asia-Pacific area; government incentives— Ireland offered a low corporate tax price, support in getting land, building facilities, and training staff and per capita ‹

The Global Supply Chain

To manufacture usana products, Dell coordinates a global production network that spans the five continents of North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. Dell goes together most of




‹ grants for each and every employee; keeping away from barriers such as tariffs...

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