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The Stranger, written by Albert Camus, tells of a person named Monsieur Meursault who never articulates his feelings. Meursault attends his single mother's funeral which he does not show the normal emotions of heartbreak, sadness, or anything that such an function induces. The novel goes on to tell just how he satisfies a girl named Marie who have later becomes his fiancГ© without him caring in the event that he deconfit her or perhaps not and just how he turns into " pals" with a difficult man known as Raymond. Meursault then gets mixed up in to Raymond's problems. Raymond requests Meursault in the event he ought to abuse his girlfriend because he thinks she's cheating about him and Meursault says sure. Due to this, Meursault and Raymond are being hunted by Raymond's ex-girlfriend's Arab brothers. They later stick to them to the Algerian seashore where Raymond gets into a fight with these little traumas. After retreating, Meursault results to the seashore and locations one of them once and then after four even more times in response to the excessive luminance of the sun. Meursault is then later convicted of murdering " The Arab. " In his trial, the prosecutor tries to find him guilty by using the fact that Meursault revealed no feelings what so ever in his single mother's funeral. But , by using this, the prosecuting attorneys seemed even more interested for the inability or unwillingness of Meursault to cry for his single mother's funeral compared to the murder with the Arab since they may believe him capable of remorse. Meursault is then convicted to the fatality sentence. At the conclusion, Meursault can then be visited by a Chaplain and becomes furious that he suggested that he consider God for mercy. The novel then simply ends with Meursault knowing the universe's indifference to get humankind.


The Stranger revolves around Monsieur Meursault's almost inhumane acts of showing simply no remorse toward his offense of murdering an Arab and no despair at his mother's funeral service. Albert Camus writes his novel in first person to demonstrate the reader the thoughts on this murderer and communicate for the...