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 Essay regarding The Battle Between the Classes: Book Research

In the book The War Involving the Classes, the theme of the book was going to teach you through the characters the ways to overcome the prejudices of society. Through the characters the author showed that individuals could still unite inspite of their ethnic background or class. That showed just how males and females are treated in a different way just because of their sex. For example , when that had the Tek's or perhaps male splendor contest the guys really did start to realize how it is for girls and whatever we fell like being judged on appears. Some of the men said towards the end that now they will realize it really is for women and they said their going to think twice about how they take care of women form now in.. It also showed how the kids used area game to unite as one society rather than segregated classes. For example , when Amy and Juan had been demoted to orange, the other oranges learned to take them even though they were reduce class and minorities. In addition , when Amy wanted to strategy a move all the mild greens and oranges came together regardless of what the principles of classes were. Likewise, when Juan wanted to possess everyone at his property to prepare pertaining to the move the wealthy white youngsters didn't also mind that he was a Latino and wasn't a higher class white-colored, and still wanted to go to his house. They came together as one new category of whites and minorities and revealed that it will not matter what color your skin is usually or should your poor or wealthy, they showed that it can be the person who have really things and that its not all one in a single whole cultural group is definitely the same. That everyone with in that group is different and original.

I think that Mister. Otero was trying to teach his pupils what it can like pertaining to minorities or lower class societies. He showed the richer white kids what it was like to bow to the higher-class citizens, and showed the minorities what was like to acquire power and be treated with respect. I do think that Mister. Otero succeeded greatly with Amy and her friends because they will really appear to have obtained the...