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Thirukkural and HRM


Thirukkural is known as a couplet, a poem in 2 lines with sagesse to live and lead lifestyle. It is considered to be a precious gem which provide insights forever in a exact form. Thirukkural is broken into three main divisions: Advantage, Wealth and love. It has 1330 couplets split in to 133 chapters each that contains 10 couplets. It is also known as as Muppal, Utharavetham, Theivanool, Poiyamozhi, Tamil marai, Vayurai vazthu. It is often translated in 60 languages and converted into English by Add some opuch. Dr . G. U. Pope, Rev T. H Attracted, Rev. John Lazarus, Mister F. W. Ellis. HRM Principles

Hrm is the fine art of taking care of the human assets. It is responsible for staffing, preservation of people, pay setting, overall performance management, transform management and taking care of leaves from the company.

These are generally the responsibilities as explained for a HUMAN RESOURCES manager in the present00 management but is discussed in eighth BC in Thirukkural. It has contributed a lot in modern day management which is discussed through this paper. Optimization of Resources

Verse 631

He is ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) who chooses

Right means, time, setting and exceptional ventures.

The resources that are available have to be selected properly to setup to appropriate usage as well as the selection needs to be done for right time. The position to be carried out and the way of the operation has to be appropriate. A good administrator must possess capability to choose right useful resource at best with the right technique of operation to optimize the resources. Human resources are definitely the most precious resources associated with an enterprise. Human Resources Optimization (HRO) involves employee allocation and timetabling, to guarantee the efficient management of the staff, conforming to varied social regulations and labor contracts. Planning

Verse 465

Who marche without strategies and ways

His field is sure to promote foes.

When a person approaches to damage his opponent without any prior planning it will eventually become because the long term strength for the opponent. Planning is deciding ahead of time what to do, the right way to do and who is to do it. It is seeking ahead long term courses of actions future methods of action to become followed. Preparing takes into account available & prospective individual and physical resources of the organization to get effective co-ordination, contribution & perfect modification. According to Urwick, " Planning can be described as mental proneness to do issues in orderly way, to believe before acting and to act in the light of details rather than guesses”. Planning offers several procedure for be used

* Establishment of goals

* Business of Planning Premises

2. Choice of option course of action

* Formulation of derivative plans

* Securing Co-operation

* Follow up/Appraisal of ideas

Verse 675

Money and means, period, place and deed

Determine these five and then proceed.

Ahead of indulging in any new activity it is a must to decide after the time, place, men, materials, method and money that is certainly needed to carry out the meant job. The above mentioned couplet essentially describes about the HOURS planning which is the important element of the tactical HR Management. The main reason for it is to guarantee adequate recruiting to meet the goals and remain versatile in the business.

The HR planning features four actions:

* Examining the current HUMAN RESOURCES capacity

* Forecasting HR requirements

2. Gap analysis

* Producing HR ways of support company strategies.

Job Specification

Sentirse 383

Alertness, learning braveness

Are adjuncts three of monarchy.

Quick decision making potential, intelligence and courage to manage problems are the three basic requirements from the head person of the company. Passage 584

His officers, kinsmen and foes

Who watch keenly are worthy spies

A good supervisor or a innovator must consider decisions without taking into account the relationship this individual maintains while his kith and kins, enemies, family etc . Employment specification explains the knowledge, abilities and potential a person must own...