To What Extent Will Steinbeck Show Dreams while Futile in ‘of Rats and Men'?

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 Essay going to What Magnitude Does Steinbeck Portray Dreams as In vain in of Mice and Men’?

As to the extent really does Steinbeck portray dreams since futile in ‘Of Mice and Men'?

In Of Mice and Men, the hopes and dreams with the men around the ranch are a continuous focus and motif throughout the book. John Steinbeck portrays the consequences that dreams, or deficiency of them, have got on the lives of the characters and the outcome of the book. Steinbeck uses the concept of dreams at once showing hope and aspiration, because they invoke friendship with combined determination for any better future, and to demonstrate the difficulties of survival, with unrealised dreams illuminating the dark lose hope of culture at that time.

Steinbeck presents dreams as a device to aid the men of the ranch's survival and happiness. They offer a sense of purpose, a reward for long times of hard work on the hacienda. They give the men the incentive to struggle on with the existence of a migrant worker, the men use the dreams to identify themselves by hundreds of different migrant employees in the same position; if a fellow keeps his dream to himself, without allowing for anyone to write off his dreams, he can encourage himself that he his dream will be realised and he will include a better life. Even if the wish is not realised, it still offers an escapism in the mundane, tedious, repetition of the bunkhouse, in which ‘the wall space were whitewashed and the ground unpainted'.

Thinking about dreams prolonging survival and happiness is the most suitable portrayed by the dream and relationship distributed by Lennie and George. George started out looking after and traveling with Lennie within the request of Lennie's Cousin Clara, and their joint dream to ‘ live off the qualit? the lan' has produced a strong bond and friendship between the couple, unusual with this hostile, competitive working environment. They want each other peoples companionship to alleviate isolation and loneliness, and to help make it their fantasy seem more realistic. Lennie describes their very own relationship as such ‘We received each other, which what gives a hoot in hell regarding us'. They require each other and their...