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12 12 , 2010

" A Separate Peace” Vocabulary Ch. 11-13


Sentence- " Who more could have inveigled twenty people to the farthest extremity with the school to throw snowballs at each various other? ” Definition- To trick, deceive, wheedle


Sentence- ".. a positive change between us and all of them, a difference which in turn everyone fought with cumbersome fortitude to bridge. ” Definition- Physical and/or psychological strength


Sentence- " My spouse and i turned incredulously, " you saw Leper. ” Definition- In a point out of being suspicious or in disbelief fashion 4. Tether

Sentence- ".. or would we tether a cow in church. ”

Definition- A string, chain, or the like, by which an animal is definitely fastened to a fixed subject so as to limit its selection of movement. 5. Incarnate

Sentence- " Your dog is enjoying this, I thought bitterly, he's imagining himself Proper rights incarnate, handling the weighing machines. Definition- Help to make concrete and real


Sentence- " I may intend to implicate myself. ”

Definition- To demonstrate to be as well involved, generally in an incriminating manner Incongruity

Sentence- " Perhaps it was just the incongruity of seeing him aloft and stricken, as he was by nature someone who carried others. ” Definition- something that does not manage to fit in with or be ideal to it is context Innately

Sentence- " There was something innately odd about it.. ” Definition- Existing from labor and birth


Sentence- " That they unrolled aside impervious in my opinion as though My spouse and i were a roaming ghosting. ” Definition- Incapable of being influenced or perhaps affected


Sentence- He alluded to yesterday only by simply asking how Phineas was. Definition- To relate casually or indirectly; call and make an allusion Gyration

Sentence- ".. their gyration-prone wheels inactive on these old techniques which offered nothing bumpier then a handful of cobblestones. ” Definition- The act of gyrating;...